GOAL STATEMENT: To create a board that represents the Membership and that sets vision, policy and delegates tasks

Maintain a Defined Line of Leadership Succession Executive Committee Nominate committee members to integrate the entire membership into the governance of the chapter.Maintain executive committee job descriptions that are reviewed and updated as needed. Conduct executive committee orientation. Adhere to guidelines established by the Chapter Bylaws in the nomination of executive committee members and committee chairs.
Strengthen Committee Leadership Executive Committee Maintain committee leadership job descriptions that are reviewed and updated as needed.Establish committee goals. Regularly evaluate committee success in meeting chapter goals and in addressing the needs of the general membership.
Increase Participation by Candidates and Industry Partners Executive Committee Encourage first time volunteers in leadership positions.Establish a leadership mentoring program.
Recognition Executive Committee Place priority in recognizing the involvement of all committee members through an awards program that effectively conveys appreciation for the efforts of chapter volunteers.
Participation All Committees Support chapter leaders in attending regional and national meetings.Offer funding to subsidize participation.



GOAL STATEMENT: To steadily increase chapter participants, ensure our chapter participation consists of a diversified group of CPMs, ARMs, and candidates, and to increase the visibility and exposure of industry partners, adding value to the membership. During this five year period we will retain 90% of our chapter participants by involving them in committee activities, providing increased benefits, informative meetings, and educational opportunities.

Maintain Membership Executive CommitteeMembership Committee Programs Committee Retain no less than 90% of chapter members by involving them in committee activities, providing meaningful benefits, informative meetings and educational opportunities.Conduct a survey to assess member satisfaction and needs, identifying areas that need to be re-evaluated and remedied.
Increase Membership Membership Committee Conduct ODIEs meetings to promote IREM involvement by industry professionals.Support student membership. Collaborate with other industry associations in joint events/programs.
Implement a New Member Welcome Program Membership Committee Incorporate the “New Member Welcome Program for Chapters,” designed by the National Membership Committee, into a Chapter specific procedure to receive all member types.
Recognition Executive CommitteeMembership Committee Programs Committee Recognize member contributions, significant anniversaries and individual accomplishments.



GOAL STATEMENT: To increase sources of funds for education, programs, staff, national event participation, scholarship and outreach.

Fiscal Success of the Chapter Executive CommitteeFinance Committee Ensure that expenses are held within the limits of the approved annual budget.Provide financial reports to the Membership via chapter meetings, website or newsletter.
Fund Development Executive Committee Develop a sponsorship committee that will determine funding opportunities for chapter activities, allowing for an expansion of offerings (programs and education) without depending solely on dues.
Fund Development Plan Sponsorship Committee Generate a five year plan that supports consistently growing sources of revenue



GOAL STATEMENT: To provide educational programs that meet the needs of the real estate industry, that are affordable, profitable, well attended, and positively evaluated.

Continue Educational Offerings Executive Committee Meet the needs of the CPM candidates, ARM, to fulfill requirements.
Resource for CE offerings Education Committee Offer real estate licensing CE for courses and seminars.Sponsor seminars on topics relevant to the industry, attended by members and non-members.
Successful Promotion Executive CommitteeEducation Committee Conduct ODIEs meetings to introduce IREM to other real estate professionals, promoting participation in the organization.Collaborate with other chapters in creating regional educational offerings.
Support of CPM Candidates Education Committee Identify and recruit CPMs to assist and mentor candidates through the designation process.Establish a scholarship program available to candidates for IREM education.



GOAL STATEMENT: To develop programs of reasonable cost, which stimulate interest, are interactive, and result in increased attendance.

Develop a Schedule of Programs Programs Committee Programs will be stimulating, and interactive.Programs will be posted on the Chapter Website at the beginning of the year and offered to members of neighboring chapters.
Base Programs on the Needs of Chapter Participants Programs Committee Offer chapter meetings and social events that caters to all member types; that are responsive to the diverse interests of varying property management specialties (residential, commercial, retail, industrial); and encourage participation by diverse individuals and young professionals.



GOAL STATEMENT: To be a good corporate citizen and to be recognized as such.

Organize a community service event Executive CommitteePrograms Committee Participate in community service programs with an emphasis on locally based charitiesContribute to the IREM Foundation in the form of an annual donation to the fund raising auction.
Identify local charitable organizations to support Executive CommitteePrograms Committee Publicize within organization and recruit member involvementDevelop a schedule of activities/commitments for the next 5 years